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Welcome to the Official Page for Alphis.

Alphis is a Retro RPG-Platformer where you control a Young Hero named Cedric.


Cedric returns to his Homeland to find the Land in a blanket of Darkness - He enters his Hometown where it is nearly Deserted. Later, Cedric learns that an Evil Entity has turned the Elemental Orbs Black; An Ancient Prophecy says a Hero will emerge if the Orbs were to Blacken.


You are given 6 Blackened Orbs - Find the 6 Oracle Palaces throughout the Overworld called the "Homeland", and Restore the Orbs back to their corresponding Element in each Palace.

Alphis is currently in Development. The Release Date is unknown but Development is very Optimistic.

Developer: Nolan "Nolie" Grey

Sound Composer: Nolan "Nolie" Grey