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Now you can own the Original Soundtrack for Vangaar Legends: Damon's Quest straight from the Composer himself for your enjoyment.

OST has 11 total Tracks:

  1. "Pride and Bravery" (Title Screen)
  2. "Prophet" (Town)
  3. "Messenger" (Holy Temple)
  4. "Lingering Hope" (Dark Forest)
  5. "Shining Star" (Old Castle)
  6. "Trickster" (Diamond Temple)
  7. "Whisper" (Grand Temple)
  8. "Glimmer" (Deep Cave)
  9. "Stalker" (Shadow Tower)
  10. Final Boss
  11. "Sarah's Theme" (End)
Composer: Higure no Soto


Buy Now$0.99 CAD or more

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Damon's Quest Original Soundtrack 6 MB

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