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Welcome to the Official Page for Hourbound.

Hourbound is a Sc-Fi RPG that follows a young boy named Simm.


Simm get woken up at Midnight to the house shaking. Upon arriving downstairs - It stops. Then the phone rings -- Your Father is thought to be 'abducted' and you must save him. In the Basement is an Old Pocket-watch; With it Simm can control Time. Word gets around that in 6 days - A Corrupted Planet, powered by a Dark Entity, will consume Earth.


Find the Entity that is controlling the Corrupted Planet within 6 days - Use the Pocket-watch to control Time (Slow-down Time, Time Warp to certain Days, Go back in Time). Fail to do so and Earth will be consumed and it is Game Over.

Hourbound is currently in Development...

Developer: Nolan Grey

Sound Composer: Nolan Grey