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As it sits - Outlander Jim is getting a brand-new approach to Development. No more "Infinite Runner" - Just Puzzles in an Open-World Environment.

Guide Jim through the Corrupted Land to save his People from the Evil Muster. Each Level has a Puzzle that involves Pushing Blocks into specific Areas to progress through -- As you progress - The Puzzles/Levels get harder, of course. But not ghastly like "wtf is dis" type Difficulty. Race against your own TIME, try and conquer each Level as fast as possible!

As usual - You'll have a Demo to try the new Outlander Jim. The Full Version will cost only $1.99 CAD. There will be a total of 6 Levels/Puzzles in the game.

Comment below or Send me an Email with your Questions/Comments regarding the new Outlander Jim.

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