Outlander Jim II started Development

The Screenshot shows Jim climbing to avoid a Technic.

So by looking at the Screenshot you'll notice a few new things compared to Outlander Jim 1:

  • Health System
  • Leveling System
  • Monsters
  • Climbing

To clarify - The Health System goes from 3 hearts to 6. When you Level-up - Your hearts go up by 1. With the Code thus far - I have implemented the EXP System (Bar GUI beneath Health) to increase; This lets you know when you'll level-up since there are no Numeral Values to tell you. Monsters spawn from Spawners every so often - Each Level holds a specific amount of Monsters; This makes the Leveling System a little tricky because you'll need to wait and defeat the Monsters as they spawn, before they fall out of the map. And of course - Climbing. Jim is able to Climb up certain blocks to reach higher locations. Since this Game takes place in a Tower - This feature is necessary.

Yes, you can still Dash - But you must learn it. I'll put it in the first Level because its your first Ability and you'll need it off the hop to defeat Monsters.

I'm constantly thinking of ways to make this Game 1,000,000x better than Outlander Jim 1; So stay tuned for Updates as this game progresses!

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