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No more "Demon Hunter" -- Self titled Shadow Lair is now in Development.

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Equipped with full NES-Style Graphics - "Shadow Lair" is heavily influenced by the Original Legend of Zelda; With a blend of Puzzles, Dungeons, and an Open World compiled of Areas known as: The Plains, Desert, Wastes, and Altimus Mountain. Each holding Monsters, getting stronger the further you progress.

Shadow Lair will have 6 total Dungeons -- Items that help you progress through the Game are both in Dungeons and some Caves, where Elves and Dwarfs offer the Hero some Items for a price. Full NPC's consist of Dwarfs, Elves, and Prophets. Dwarfs offer Shops and Rest, Elves are usually hidden and hold special Items for sale, Prophets will give you Coins in exchange for Souls and offer Life Potions for a price.

The Items you can obtain have special properties -- The Bow, Brace, Boots, Torch, and Flute. Bow shoots arrows but must have a Quiver to hold them, the Brace can help the Hero move Heavy Blocks, Boots unlock the "Dash" function when worn, the Torch is used to (1) Set Bushes on Fire (2) Light up Dark Rooms, and the Flute can be played using Songs you obtain - Which help you on your Quest.

At the end of each Dungeon is a Boss. Defeat the Boss to gain access to the final room which contains a shard of the Geosphere. Collect all 6 shards to fill-out the Geosphere Diagram; Once all 6 shards are obtained you can face the Final Boss "Lupra" and Free the Royal Family.

Interested in Shadow Lair? Use the Community Forum to let me know. When the Game releases, there will be a F2P (Free to Play) Demo but the full version is aimed to be B2P (Buy to Play).

Full Game Development: Nolan "Nolie" Grey

Sound Composer: Nolan "Nolie" Grey

2017 is the aimed Release year.