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v1.0.0.0 DevLog:

  • CreateHero: Allows you to create your very own Hero(s) to put into your Game.
  • SetRace: Allows you to create Custom Races to give your Hero(s) some depth. This also provides Base Stats.
  • EXPchart: Allows you to create an Experience Chart that you can apply to your Hero(s) for Leveling-up.
  • ItemCreation: Allows the creation of Item(s) into your Game. Choose from the Types: Potion, General, Book, Event, and/or Equipment. Potion is for Healing or Damaging effects, General is for assigning Item(s) to an Event/Object - This does nothing else, Book is for learning Skills or Spells when used, Event is for assigning Item(s) to an Event only, and Equipment is for Item(s) that you can Equip to your Hero(s)
  • SetHeroWear: Allows you to assign an Equipment Item to your Hero(s).
  • MonsterCreation: Allows you to create your own Custom Monster(s) to put into your Game via writing-out a Monster Sheet.
  • MapCreation: Allows you to create your own Custom Maps to travel to in your Game. This uses SCALE for Walking Distance from Place to Place within your map by rolling the 6-Sided Di to determine how many steps your Hero(s) walk.
  • NPCcreation: Allows the creation of NPC's to be placed in your Game. NPC's can also "host" a Shop, Trade, or INN. Only 1 of 3 "hosts" can be applied per NPC.
  • SetBattleSys: Allows you to choose 1 of 2 options - Turn-Based Battle System or Active Battle System. This uses SCALE in brackets next to the Monster(s) Name (Ex: Slime(6) = 6 Steps until you can engage with the Slime). Turn-Based System turns SCALE into ENCOUNTER where Slime(6) will automatically engage you in battle with the Slime if your Steps are 6 or more.

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Oct 04, 2017

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